The UK Vision Strategy and VISION 2020 UK

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Monday, 14 March 2016
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We are often asked about the relationship between the UK Vision Strategy and VISION 2020 UK. This page provides insight into our history and working relationship. 

What is the UK Vision Strategy?

The UK Vision Strategy is an ambitious framework which aims to: improve the eye health of the UK; provide timely treatment and support to people with sight loss; and create a society which fully includes blind and partially sighted people.

The UK Vision Strategy is turned into reality by partners working together in each country of the UK. Supporters are enabled to deliver the UK Vision Strategy by a dedicated Strategy team.

What is VISION 2020 UK?

VISION 2020 UK is the umbrella organisation which leads collaboration and co-operation between organisations with an interest in eye health and sight loss.

How did VISION 2020 UK and the UK Vision Strategy begin?

VISION 2020 UK was established in 2002 as part of the VISION 2020 global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, a joint programme of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)

Founded in 2008 and refreshed in 2013, the UK Vision Strategy is the UK’s response to this initiative.

The UK Vision Strategy began as a VISION 2020 UK initiative which was led by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and informed by the views of over 650 stakeholders during an extensive cross-sector consultation process.

How does VISION 2020 UK support the UK Vision Strategy?

VISION 2020 UK supports the UK Vision Strategy outcomes by enabling greater collaboration and co-operation within the sector. This is achieved through its Member Organisations and Special Interest Committees. By facilitating member engagement, VISION 2020 UK ensures that each organisation makes its own unique contribution to delivering The UK Vision Strategy.

How are we governed and funded?  

The development, implementation and review of the UK Vision Strategy is overseen by the Vision Strategy Leadership Group (VSLG) which consists of the chairs of the Vision Strategy Country Implementation Groups and senior leaders from key eye health and sight loss organisations across the UK (including VISION 2020 UK). The VSLG and Country Implementation Groups are supported by a dedicated Strategy team who are led and funded by RNIB.

VISION 2020 UK is a registered charity which is governed by an elected Board of Trustees, comprising experts from the eye health, sight loss and healthcare sectors. VISION 2020 UK is funded by its member organisations, sharing an interest in eye health and sight loss.

Who monitors the progress and implementation of the UK Vision Strategy?

The Country Implementation Groups monitor progress at country level and report progress to the Vision Strategy Leadership Grou. Monitoring is supported by a dedicated Programme and Performance Manager from the UK Vision Strategy Team.

VISION 2020 UK reports on the progress of the Strategy to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

Our differing roles and activities

The UK Vision Strategy:

  • Steered by a Leadership Group
  • Has Country Implementation Groups
  • Develops the UK Vision Strategy and sets priorities
  • Monitors the delivery and impact of the UK Vision Strategy
  • Hosts the annual Vision UK Conference and holds national and regional Strategy events
  • Produces UK Vision Strategy publications and delivers Strategy projects
  • Holds National and Regional Vision Strategy Events
  • Communicates work which supports the delivery of the UK Vision Strategy and raises the Strategy’s profile  

VISION 2020 UK:                                              

  • Governed by a Board of Trustees                                               
  • Has member organisations          
  • Runs Special Interest Committees                                     
  • Sets quality standards
  • Provides professional guidelines 
  • Delivers sector news and provides a resources hub
  • Holds seminars and workshops                               

Who is responsible for the Vision UK Conference?

The UK Vision Strategy team delivers the annual Vision UK conference, which is the only multi-disciplinary UK Conference, bringing together the whole of the eye health and sight loss sectors.

Whilst we are governed, funded and managed independently we are both committed to working together to deliver the UK Vision Strategy Outcomes.

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