Why do we need the Strategy?


The continuing case for change

When the UK Vision Strategy was launched, there were clear indications that services were failing to meet current needs and that there would be increased demand in the future (Bosanquet and Mehta, 2009).
Currently, almost 2 million people in the UK are living with some degree of sight loss and this number is rapidly increasing. By 2050, it is predicted that four million people will have sight loss (Access Economics Pty Ltd, 2009). It is essential that we prepare now to meet this increasing demand.
The UK population is ageing and is projected to continue ageing over the next few decades with the fastest population increases in the numbers of those aged 85 and over (ONS, 2012). This is the age group most at risk of eye disorders causing sight loss. There is a clear economic case for early and effective intervention (Boyce, 2011a; Access Economics, 2009) to prevent vision impairment and to overcome barriers experienced by people with sight loss.
The Case for Change document presents the evidence that provides the foundation to the UK Vision Strategy.
This is available for download in PDF or Word format at the bottom of this page.

UK Vision Strategy: The Case for Change document

Available for download in PDF or Word format