Shaping the Future of the UK Vision Strategy

UK Vision Strategy documents on a desk with notes and computer'Shaping the Future of the UK Vision Strategy' was a 6-month evaluation and consultation project to inform the future development and delivery of the UK Vision Strategy.

The project aimed to ensure that the UK Vision Strategy responds to the challenges and opportunities presented in a dynamic external environment, and delivers maximum positive impact for people with, and at risk of, sight loss across the UK. 

An independent team from NCVO Charities Evaluation Services were commissioned to undertake a mixed methods research approach. The research team were supported by the UK Vision Strategy team as well as a Project Advisory Group. The project was steered by the Vision Strategy Leadership Group.

Read the Shaping the Future Report

The report includes:

  • Views on the progress made towards the UK Vision Strategy Outcomes 2013-2018.
  • The country context: the key challenges and successes of the Strategy specific to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • Recommendations to shape future collaborative work, including both what future work could focus on and how it could be delivered.

Download the report: Shaping the Future Report_APDF.pdf (547.13 KB)

Next Steps

The learning and recommendations from this project will be taken forward by the Vision Strategy Transition Programme. This Programme will seek a renewed agenda for change across the eye health and sight loss sectors, building on the ambition, experience and lessons learnt from the UK Vision Strategy. The Programme will work to agree the future priorities for collaborative work with cross-sector endorsement, and will establish channels for delivery.