Eye health and sight loss - vision planning guidance

The Vision Planning guidance has been developed for the use of leads within Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Voluntary Sector, Health, Local Authorities, patients and service users to support the co-production of a local strategic vision plan, based on the evidence of current and future service needs. 
The purpose of the planning guidance is to enable different agencies and organisations with a remit for eye health and sight loss support to work together to evidence service requirements and begin to work more closely together to provide streamlined and cross effective services, using the planning guidance to take an evidence based approach.
The planning guidance gives the tools to plan, implement and commission multi professional, integrated services for eye health and sight loss support that will enable planners to:
  • Support the targeting of public health and prevention activities
  • Inform commissioning decisions based on evidence of need
  • Inform the contents of Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA's) and Health and Wellbeing Strategies
  • Why develop a Vision Plan?
Joint planning can assist planners in:
  • Developing a cross sector approach to preventing avoidable sight loss
  • Developing a joined up approach to service planning and provision
  • Planning to make better use of existing resources
  • Develop a framework for cross sector commissioning
  • Clearer signposting across eye health and sight loss support services

The guidance is designed so that planners can work through each stage systematically, or can focus on specific areas in any order.  However, it is not designed to replace local knowledge, nor can it account for local knowledge, needs or considerations.

We have summarised the guidance into a set of top ten tips for productive vision partnerships and developing vision plans. These can be accessed on the Top Ten Tips page.
“It’s fantastic to see this new tool. Health and Wellbeing Boards can use this resource to help inform their Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy process, ensuring that plans are based on evidence and truly meet the needs of local people”
John Wilderspin, National Implementation Director, Health and Wellbeing Boards, Department of Health - May 2012

Eye Health and Sight Loss Vision Planning guidance

These documents are available in both Word and PDF formats