Scottish Vision Strategy Advisory Group


Current membership of the group includes:

  • Ross Macfadyen, RNIB Scotland (Chair)
  • James Adams, RNIB Scotland
  • Dominic Everett, RNIB Scotland / SAVIE
  • Wendy Rankin, Blind Children UK
  • Jane Horsburgh, Guide Dogs
  • Colin Gallagher, VINCYP 
  • Hal Rollason, Optometry Scotland
  • Gillian Syme, Scottish Eyecare Group
  • Ken Swa, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
  • Kim Smith, SCOVI
  • Graham Findlay, NESS and Visionary
  • Richard Hellewell, Royal Blind
  • Jamie Cuthbertson, Macular Society
  • Mhairi Thurston, Counselling and Emotional Support Services Group and University of Abertay
  • Ken Reid, Vision Ambassador
  • Gabrielle Firestone, UK Vision Strategy
  • Mercy Jeyasingham, VISION 2020 UK
For further information contact James Adams.